In the near future here will be also online courses, but still in progress.

Having doing beekeeping mostly with Apis mellifera, recently also with Apis cerana and mellipodia species I offer lectures on management of different bee colonies. Not only by experience, but from my profession as PhD in microbiology I offer to share my knowledge based on fundamental bee biology and behaviour as well as expert in HACCP and product quality insurance. This not only means to have “fancy” equipment to evaluate honey quality. The major understanding and handling of a high-quality natural product like honey involves more a deep understanding in what are the potential threats for product quality and food safety rather than having the money to buy expensive refractometer or jarring infrastructure.

From basic knowledge in how to find the best spot for your bees (flight path, local microclimate and available nectar & pollen sources) to how to upscale from 5 to 50 to 300 hives I have experience to share providing you with the most necessary clous about typical pitfalls and how to overcome them.

If you are yet unsure if it is worth it, have a look to my you tube channel offering short clips about how I understand education and how I share and explain knowledge. Since there is no concept of long term subscription you can and will stop automatically after at least one month.

Subscription works that way that you first:

  • Choose a recorded lesson or series you are interested in
  • Or a topic discussion

Then you will be asked to fill out a PDF the needed data for payment and setting up your access to the content booked.

From the day of sending this PDF back to me you will be able to have one month time plus the additional days considering your booking date. For example, you book a course on 21st of February means you will get the days to the end of February + till end of march to go through the content with your personal access.             

Content will not only be a lecture held by me and explaining slides, but also a written form of a lesson plan including some of the following learn-improvement-tools to ensure that education is not only passive, but actively done to stimulate a better deep learning.

  • Quizzes
  • Worksheets
  • Practical exercises for bees at home
  • Multiple choice tests

Beekeeping education platform